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We’re a boutique escort agency south of the CBD. We can provide you with a tasteful and discreet haven with our gorgeous ladies.

Atomic Massage: A Christchurch Escort Agency and Massage Parlour

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Number 54. Look for the Pink Sign and go up the Stairs

Welcome to Atomic Massage. We Provide Safe and Secure Escort Services in Christchurch

At Atomic Massage – a Christchurch Massage Parlour and Escort Agency – we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, discreet services tailored to the needs of our clientele. Our professional and experienced staff ensure a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes to our establishment. With a wide range of services provided, we cater to your preferences and desires to guarantee a satisfying experience. Your comfort and satisfaction remain our top priority as we continuously strive to surpass our clients’ expectations.

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PLEASE NOTE: We have off-street parking available. Please contact us about this.

Christchurch Escort Services

A Safe Warm Haven for Men and Women to Explore

At Atomic Massage Parlour and Escort Agency Christchurch, we cherish providing a warm, safe space where you can explore your desires. Our team is driven by the shared goal of establishing an inclusive, judgement-free environment that prioritises consent and comfort. Our trained staff maintain a setting that cultivates trust and allows our clients to confidently and safely indulge their personal desires. We adhere to strict professional guidelines to maintain a safe haven where individuals can pursue authentic connections and sensory experiences.

We are an LGBTQIA Friendly Massage Parlour and Escort Agency in Christchurch

Embracing diversity and inclusion, Atomic Christchurch Massage Parlour and Escort Agency takes pride in being an LGBTQIA-friendly destination. We understand the importance of catering to the unique needs of our diverse clientele, and have created a supportive environment that fosters acceptance and understanding. By offering specialised services catering to the LGBTQIA community, we ensure every individual feels welcome and safe within our premises. Our commitment to inclusivity helps foster the growth of a compassionate and open-minded community for all to enjoy.

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